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3 ways to safely remove a stuck engagement ring

3 Ways to Safely Remove a Stuck Engagement Ring

First of all, the ring doesn’t get smaller over time. Some of the potential causes of the ring getting stuck could be weight gain, water retention or swelling. What can you do to remove a ring that’s stuck on your finger? Relax, don’t panic about having to cut the ring off just yet; we have a few methods for you to try!

#1 Elevation and cold water

Elevation and Cold water remove stuck ring

Did you know dehydration can cause swelling? When our body detects signs of dehydration, it starts storing up water resulting in water retention that will lead to swollen joints. Drink plenty of water to reduce water retention and flush out sodium from your body.

Alternatively, try lifting your hand above your shoulder for about 5 to 10 minutes. It helps to reduce swelling and the fluid around the joint. Then, place your hand in cold water for a few minutes. You can add ice cubes if you like but don’t overdo it. Iced water helps constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling almost instantly.

#2 Soap and water

soap and water to remove stuck ring

Reduce friction between your skin and ring by using slippery solutions. Choose a solution that is safe for both your skin and your ring – dish soap or body soap with cold water are good choices. After applying the mixture adequately, gently twist the ring in either direction. This method is painless and should be enough to remove the ring.

#3 String method

Bet you have heard about this before. This method has been used years ago and is surprisingly effective at removing rings. You will only need a ribbon, string, dental floss or an elastic band to remove your ring!

This process is pretty simple. Cut a string or dental floss (the longer the better) then follow the steps below:

Step 1:

String method remove stuck ring

String method wrap around fingers remove stuck ring

Slip one end of the string underneath your ring towards your hand, then wrap the long end several times around your fingers, making sure you start on the ringside of the knuckle you are aiming to get the ring over.

(Take note: wrapping only needs to be moderately tight. Be cautious not to wind the string too tight as there will be a risk of stopping blood circulation for an extended period.)

Step 2:

unwind string remove stuck ring

steps to remove stuck ring

Take the short end of the string and unwind the string slowly. The ring will be moved slowly over the knuckle.

Step 3:

Repeat it if necessary, until the ring comes off

Here’s a short video to demonstrate how you do it!

If all the above fails to work, we recommend you to seek professional help or head to the doctors. In case you had to cut your ring, you can bring it back to the jewelers or diamond shop to repair.