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7 Steps to take Perfect engagement ring selfie

7 Steps to Take Perfect Engagement Ring Selfies

If you have just got engaged, congratulations! We know you can’t wait to share the happy news on your social media! Make your announcement extra special with a photo that will make everyone say “wow”! Here are some tips on how you can take engagement ring selfies that look expensive and gorgeous.

#1 Get your nails done

Get nails done

Remember, having clean nails is the key. It’s not about experimenting with the latest nail art – a simple nail color will do because the focus is on your engagement ring! However, if your fiance caught you with a surprise proposal and you’re due for a manicure, just put on a little lotion and start getting creative with your engagement selfie!

#2 Ample lighting

Taking ring photo with window light ring

With window light

taking engagement ring photo in a dim room

In a dim room

A sparkling diamond is actually it interacting with light. Whether you’re indoor or outdoor, you can always take good pictures as long as you have enough light. The best source of light for photos and sparkly diamonds is undeniably natural sunlight. If you want a diamond that is guaranteed to sparkle the most, get LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamonds.

If you’re not outside, you can set up your shot next to a window with ample light. If you take your ring selfie in a dim room, the diamond will look dull and your photo is pretty much guaranteed to be blurry. Do not cheat and use direct flash! We assure you that it will not look as good as natural light.

#3 Background / Location

taking photo of engagement ring with rose background

taking proposal ring with flowers

Find a fun and Instagram worthy background! I believe you will not want a photo with your laundry at the back. If you’re outside, look for a simple background that outstands your engagement ring!

#4 Try out different angles

top view classic halo diamond engagement ring

Top View of Classic Halo Ring

Hidden Infinity Engagement ring side view

Details on the side of Hidden Infinity Solitaire Ring

Experiment with the angles of your ring and show off the shape of your stone. Taking a shot from the top can flaunt your brilliant diamond and settings like Classic Halo Engagement Ring while the profile view captures details on the side for settings like Lia 6 Prongs, Veronica 6 Prongs, Jenri Engagement Ring and Hidden Infinity Solitaire Engagement Ring.

Which perspective makes your diamond look the biggest or sparkliest? Take your time and try all the angles to find your ring’s best side!

#5 Strike a pose

7 steps to take perfect engagement ring selfie

Relax your fingers to avoid creepy looking hands. You can always hold hands with your fiance or rest your hands on your fiance’s arm. Make sure you avoid zooming in that will highlight every pore and strand of hair on your hands. Again, play around with the angles.

#6 Touch it up

Engagement ring photo before editing

Before editing

Engagement ring photo after editing

After editing

We’re almost done! 50% of a perfect photo comes from editing. Use your usual editing app to experiment with the cropping, contrast, and sharpness to get the details. Apps like Snapseed or VSCO are really easy to use while advanced apps like Lightroom offer more detailed editing. If the above fails to work, you can rely on Instagram’s in-app filters and editing!

#7 Share it with all your love

sharing engagement ring on social media

Get ready for the blessings from your family and friends! Write a caption about your engagement and how you feel about it! Be creative with the emojis and select the location of your proposal. Don’t forget to tag us @zcova and hashtag #zcova!