ZCOVA x ProductNation: Affirmation Jewellery for International Women's Day

ZCOVA x ProductNation: Affirmation Jewellery for International Women’s Day

Date: 20th March 2023

Thank you ProductNation for sharing! ZCOVA launches Affirmation Jewellery just in time for International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is here and we are loving it! It is a day when the world comes together and celebrates the achievements made by women and its goal is to create a world without discrimination. However, the fight for equality has been tough and never-ending, resulting in some people losing hope. ZCOVA decided to throw their hat into the ring with their latest Affirmation Jewellery collection.

The Affirmation Jewellery collection is designed as a way to empower women and surround themselves with positive affirmations that embody messages of hope and confidence. Engraved in the pendants are symbols based on empowering phrases such as “To Heal”, “To Have Courage”, “To Have Self-love” and many more. 

According to Low Ziwei, the co-founder of ZCOVA, their latest Affirmation Jewellery collection is made to help women overcome their beliefs and achieve their goals. The symbols in the pendants will help women believe in themselves to manifest their desires.

The Affirmation Jewellery will be available at the ZCOVA outlets located in Johor, Penang, and Petaling Jaya with free global insured shipping for those ordering online. Without the chain, the 14K Gold Pendant will be priced at RM1499 and the 18K Pendant will cost RM1999. However, with the 18K Gold 16-inch chain, the 14K Gold Pendant will cost RM1899 while the 18K Gold Pendant will cost RM2399.

For more information about the Affirmation Jewellery collection, you can head over to ZCOVA’s official website, or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.