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How soon should you start shopping for engagement rings

How soon should you start shopping for engagement rings?

Getting engaged is one of the few highs in life, it’s about the memorable moments and commitment for a lifetime. If you’re the one proposing, you’re going to want everything to go smoothly and get the perfect engagement ring!

We have received many inquiries regarding the time to shop for an engagement ring. How far in advance should you buy an engagement ring? When you buy an engagement ring do you get it on the same day? How long does it take to get an engagement ring once ordered? Don’t worry, keep reading to find out more!

When is the best time to buy engagement rings?

Well, this all depends on when you’re planning to propose. If you wish to get a unique customized engagement ring for your special someone, we advise you to plan ahead and get the ring at least a month before.

Just so you know, purchasing an engagement ring is not just about going to the physical store and getting it immediately. Great things take time and you have to plan ahead! All our rings are made-to-order and will take 20 working days to produce. Speak to our consultants to find out more.

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What to consider when buying the engagement ring?

It is important to think practically and keep your partner’s lifestyle in mind too. You might not want it too chunky which they could find uncomfortable for daily wear. Not only that, you’ll have to think about the wedding band or other jewellery they will wear in the future as the engagement ring isn’t the only piece they’ll be wearing. Hence, you might need to shop for something that matches with what they already own!

You can either go for our signature ring designs or take a look at some of our customer’s diamond or gemstone engagement ring designs for inspiration!

ZCOVA’s Signature Engagement Rings

Lia Cathedral Engagement Ring Solitaire

Lia Cathedral Engagement Ring

Lia Pave Engagement Ring

Lia Pave Engagement Ring

Tulip Solitaire Engagement Ring

Tulip Solitaire Engagement Ring

Oval Halo Engagement Ring and Oval Pave Engagement Ring

Oval Engagement Ring

Customised Engagement Rings Designs for Inspiration

18K Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Customised Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Customised Blue Sapphire with side diamonds engagement ring

Customised Blue Sapphire with side diamonds Engagement Ring

Customised mixed gold twisted band engagement ring

Customised Mixed Gold Twisted Band Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped Blue Aquamarine Gemstone Ring with Baguette and Marquise Diamonds Design Rose Gold

Customised Pear-cut Aquamarine Gemstone Engagement Ring

Customised Tanzanite Gemstone Engagement Ring

Customised Tanzanite Gemstone Engagement Ring

pear-shaped diamond reverse split shank engagement ring

Pear Diamond Reverse Split Shank Engagement Ring

3 stone bypass engagement ring; crossover engagement ring

Customised Crossover Engagement Ring

Green Emerald in U-prong Scallop Setting

Customised Green Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring in U-prong Scallop Setting

What can you do if you’re not sure what design she wants?

When purchasing an engagement ring, you might be wondering which ring design to pick or what type of ring design does she like? Fret not, we have a solution to all your unnecessary worries!

Choose ZCOVA’s Propose With A Diamond

With our Propose with a Diamond service, we will mount your diamond on a temporary ring with a range of classic solitaire rings, consisting of our ZCOVA bestselling ring designs for your proposal. Once successful, your fiancé can come back to design her ring, from the ring setting to the type of gold.

Propose with a Temporary Engagement Ring

Proposals happen once in a lifetime, therefore you need to put in time and effort to plan your proposal! But don’t worry, we will help you throughout the entire buying process. Trust us and you’ll get a beautiful ring just in time! Speak to our consultants now!