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Pick the Right Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes 2020

Do you know your diamonds?

Looking for an engagement ring for a proposal but not sure where to start? Or you’re planning to buy a diamond ring for your loved ones? Fret not, ZCOVA is here to guide you through your very first step to diamond shopping knowledge; Picking the right diamond shape.

All Diamond Shapes on Hand for Engagement Ring

Brilliant Cut vs. Step Cut Diamond

Brilliant Cut Diamond

With brilliant cutting, diamonds are cut to focus on refracting light optimally. They have symmetrical facets & pavilions angled in ways that most of the light that enters the diamond will be refracted. Round, Cushion, Marquise and Oval are examples of Brilliant Cuts.

Step Cut Diamond

The main focus of this diamond cutting is clarity rather than the refraction of light. It aims to provide a clearer and unhindered view of the diamond. Step cut diamond produces a staircase-like effect visible to the naked eye. Example of step-cut diamonds are Asscher and Emerald diamond.

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Round Cutting


The highest demand and also the most expensive shape to produce in the market; More wastage is done during the cutting process for round diamonds. This shape refracts light exceptionally which in turn has the most brilliance and sparkles.

Princess Cutting


Also known as square modified brilliant, this cutting has a bold appeal with straight lines and pointed edges. This shape is particularly famous after round shape because of its clarity when viewed from the top.

Cushion Cutting


This cut imitates cushions, with curved edges. It has a very distinct Pavillion pattern that adds to its appeal. Through the curves and edges of this cutting, it gives a feminine appeal to the wearer. Hence, it is not surprising that this is one of the popular choices for engagement rings.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Oval Cutting


This cutting has an advantage of size; It is elongated, creating a bigger sized diamond visually. This helps to make the fingers looking longer and slender. Perfect as an engagement ring. Tips: Choose one that has the least Bow-Tie effect; when light did not refract properly, creating dark areas of bow-tie like.

Oval Cut Diamond

Pear Cutting


The Pear cut is an antique, classical cut. The facet symmetry in the centre of this cut is what produces the fire and scintillation. This timeless design can be used as a necklace, earrings, or engagement rings. Similar to Oval, the less obvious the Bow-Tie effect, the better the diamond.

Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand

Emerald Cutting


A classy and elegant cutting. Its appealing strength is in the stairs or step-like shape seen from the top view. It may not be as brilliant as round cutting, but this emerald cutting is still admired by many today. The elongated shape makes the engagement ring appear larger than corresponding shapes. When choosing this cutting, clarity is crucial. Make sure it is free from inclusions to project its beauty.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Radiant Cutting


This cutting combines the brilliance of a round cutting with the elegance of an emerald shape. It is able to refract light comparable with a round cutting but in a lengthened shape that creates a bigger diamond visually. This is one of the cuttings that is a hybrid of brilliant-cut and step-cut.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Marquise Cutting


Created in France, this cutting is perfect for those who value romance, class and antiquity. The main core of this cutting is the symmetry; All facets must come together in the centre to ensure balance inflow of light, producing optimal reflection. This narrow design can make fingers appear long and slender. Bow-Tie effect should be considered when buying this cutting.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Heart Cutting


A cutting that truly symbolises love. The message this cutting delivers is straight-forward and honest. It used to be worn by royalties and is perfect for those that prefer a royal touch. Symmetry is very important for this cutting to ensure each half to curve perfectly.

Heart Cut Diamond

Asscher Cutting


This cutting has a very rich history that associates with royal figures. This is a step-cut diamond which cuts for more clarity than brilliance. The beauty of this cutting lies in the clean and unobstructed view when observed from the top. It maximises a raw diamond when cutting hence it costs lesser than many other diamonds. Perfect for those who are looking for a classy at reduced cost.

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