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Top 10 Men’s Fashion Ring Design in 2020

Trending Men’s Fashion Ring Designs in ZCOVA

A new decade of fashionable men’s ring is now trending all over the internet. You can expect to see more men wearing jewellery everywhere in 2020. Check out these top 10 most fashionable men’s ring designs in ZCOVA!

Men’s Fashion Ring Designs with Diamonds

Giro Band Fashion Ring for Men

Giro Band

The slick and smooth surface adds a touch of minimalistic feature, while the diamonds create the statement.

Vito Band Fashion Ring Design For Men

Vito Band

A stylish but not too bold design, Vito Band is your go-to fashion ring. It has more structure than the regular round band.

Twin Princess Cut Band Fashion Ring Design for Men

Twin Princess Cut

Featuring a charming and urbane design, this fashion ring has 2pc of Princess Cut Diamonds set onto the band.

Rivet Band

One of our latest fashion ring design, the Rivet Band is a rough-masculine design. Perfect for men that love structures.

The Giro Band was featured in FirstClasse article; Designed by our in-house ring designer, Veronica Daldoss. Have a read here:

Men’s Fashion Ring Designs without Diamonds

Dante Band Fashion Ring Design for Men

Dante Band

This minimal yet structural design inspired by The Divine Comedy, a poem written by Dante Alighieri.

Salvio Band for Him

Salvio Band

The shape of this design is curated from the Emerald Diamond shapes, where it is fashionable and suitable for an everyday outfit.

Riff Signet Fashion Ring for Men

Riff Signet Ring

Inspired by Wabi-Sabi, Japanese art style; The state of imperfection is perfection. This ring puts your OOTD in style.

Lancelot Signet Ring for Men

Lancelot Signet Ring

This ring is designed for the creative mind. The top can be customized or engrave to your preference.

In ZCOVA, we provide free ring customization and 3D print services. Enquire us to learn more about our services here:

Men’s Mixed Metal Ring Designs

Quadra Band Fashion Ring Design for Men

Quadra Band

An avant-garde design that fits the modern world. Combining 2 shapes, the round and square inspired by the cubism art.

Double Arc Band Fashion Ring for Men

Double Arc Band

This Double Arc Band has the 18K Yellow Gold wrapped around the outer layer of the ring. A defined jewellery piece.