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How to Read a GemEx Report

How to Read a GemEx Report – Understanding the 5 Sections

If you’re buying a diamond ring you may have noticed some diamonds come with a GemEx Diamond Light Performance Certificate. What is a GemEx report and how does it differ from a GIA Certificate?

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#1 Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle Chart

GemEx measures the diamond’s Light Performance – Brilliance (White Light), Fire (Color Light) and Scintillation (Sparkle). A good diamond’s chart is plotted around Medium while an excellent diamond like LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamond will have High to Very High Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle.

GemEx Bar Chart for Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle

#2 Five Light Measurements

Since diamonds are in motion when worn, the BrillianceScope® evaluates the light return at 5 different lighting positions. The images you see on the certificate are real photos of the diamond at each light position.

GemEx Five Light Measurements photos

#3 Information from Lab Certificate

These additional information containing the diamond’s shape, color, clarity and weight are provided by a lab. GIA defines the 4Cs while GemEx measures the diamond’s ability to return light.

GemEx diamond lab information

#4 IdentiView Image

On the back of the certificate, you will find the IdentiView™ image which reveals the craftsmanship and symmetry of the diamond. You can also use this image to positively match your diamond and its certificate.

GemEx IdentiView image of diamond

#5: GemEx Live Report

A GemEx Live Report is the live interactive version of your diamond’s GemEx Certificate. The Live Report is available on the GemEx website for you to view the Light Performance in action. Here, you can examine the diamond’s Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle as well as download a copy of your GemEx certificate.

GemEx Live Report

View Live Report

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