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Sarine Report for Diamond Light Performance

Sarine Report for Diamond Light Performance

Sarine is a leading global provider of advanced technology solutions for the diamond industry, revolutionizing the way diamonds are cut, graded, and sold. With their state-of-the-art diamond imaging and mapping technologies, such as the Sarine Profile™ and Sarine Light™, Sarine enables the highest level of precision, quality, and innovation throughout the diamond supply chain.

Diamond Light Performance

While the 4Cs (carat, cut, colour, and clarity) define the rarity of a diamond, Light Performance is just as important.

Four Light Measurements

Sarine evaluates the diamond’s ability to reflect and refract light by measuring 4 parameters: Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation and Light Symmetry.

Brilliance: Intense white light radiating out of the diamond.
Fire: Vivid flares of rainbow color seen as light twists and turns within the diamond.
Sparkle: Dramatic luminous flashes of light bursting out from a diamond as it moves.
Light Symmetry: Light distribution throughout a diamond, affected by cut and birthmarks and expressed by the hearts and arrows representation.


Certified Brilliance

Every LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamond you purchase comes with its GIA Grading Report and Sarine Digital Report stating its Diamond Light Performance.

While most diamonds in the market can achieve Classic or Premium Total Grade, only 1 in a thousand diamonds can achieve the ‘Ultimate’ Total Grade. These rare beauties are selected to be LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamonds.

The Sarine Digital Report is available on the Sarine website for you to view the diamond’s Light Performance in action. Click HERE to view a sample Digital Report.

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