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What is Diamond Light Performance? Brilliance, Fire, Sparkle & Light Symmetry

How well a diamond reflects and refracts light is evaluated through its Light Performance but how is a diamond graded for its Light Performance grade? Sarine measures each diamond for 4 parameters and grades them individually according to 5 levels: Minimum, Standard, High, Very High and Exceptional.

What is Diamond Brilliance, Fire, Sparkle & Light Symmetry?

  • Brilliance refers to the brightness and intensity of the white light reflected from a diamond. A well-cut diamond will exhibit high brilliance, as it maximizes the amount of light that enters and reflects back to the viewer’s eye.
  • Fire is the colorful flashes of light you see in a diamond. Also referred to as the rainbow effect, this happens when light enters the diamond and splits into different colors.
  • Sparkle is the pattern of light and dark areas that dance across the diamond’s surface. It’s what gives a diamond its lively and eye-catching appearance.
  • Light Symmetry means that the diamond’s facets (the flat surfaces) are aligned and balanced. When the facets are well-proportioned and symmetrical, they help the diamond reflect light evenly, resulting in a more beautiful and radiant diamond.

Total Light Performance Grade

Based on these four measurements, the diamond is given a total Light Performance grade ranging – Low, Classic, Premium and Ultimate.

While most diamonds in the market can achieve Classic or Premium Total Grade, only the rarest diamonds have the ‘Ultimate’ light beauty and are selected to be LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamonds.

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