What’s Your Vibe? Find A Gemstone That Matches How You Feel.

What’s Your Vibe? Find A Gemstone That Matches How You Feel.

group of girls wearing jewelleryEver wanted to dress and wear how you feel? Wear a tourmaline for a boost of confidence before a big day or an amethyst for a breath of calm.

Gemstones are beautiful rare stones that come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, each with its unique symbolism and energetic properties. Gemstones have been used in various cultures for healing and protection, and can also be used to complement your vibe or personality. The energetic properties of gemstones are believed to help balance and align your energy, which can improve your overall well-being and mood.

They are a beautiful and powerful tool for enhancing your energy and matching your vibe. Whether you are looking for emotional support, spiritual growth, or simply want to add some colour to your life, gemstones can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Wonder which gemstone is suitable for you? Well, we sought the assistance and guidance of a seasoned energy healer, Risah Gan, from Shine From Within, who specializes in facilitating individuals to discover their true potential selves and unlimited creativity.

In this blog, Risah will offer you valuable insights on identifying a gemstone that aligns with your specific energy or intentions so keep reading to find out. 

Gemstones for Self-improvement

Maybe you’re on a journey of self-advancement because you want to upskill yourself,  prepare for a new job, or want to unleash your creativity, well there are gemstones that could help such as a blue sapphire gemstone. Tanzanite is also said to provide inspiration so you can develop more ideas whereas a blue topaz promotes wisdom. For better intuition to help you effectively make decisions, use an aquamarine gemstone. Additionally, a moonstone is wonderful in helping improve oneself by enhancing your intuition and promoting inner growth & strength so you can be your best self.  

Gemstones for Happiness & Peace 

Sometimes we all just want to be happy and at peace because life can be difficult at times and the best thing to do is to keep a positive attitude. That is why if you’re feeling happy and want to amplify that feeling, wearing a citrine gemstone will help you feel glee and radiate with happiness. When you want to feel that breath of calm and search for that inner peace, an amethyst stone will aid you. It’s also a powerful and protective stone that ​​guards against psychic attack to help protect your peace. You can also use aquamarine to meditate and cleanse your mind. Moreover, a blue topaz stone will help balance your body, mind, and soul. For emotional benefits, a morganite is said to help balance your emotional well-being and a diamond aids with balancing your emotions. 

Gemstones for Love 

We’re all looking for love, to be loved and even searching for ways to start loving ourselves. If you’re ready to start a healthy relationship with yourself, a spinel gemstone allows you to open up your heart for self-love so you can love yourself similar to a morganite gemstone. Furthermore, a green emerald is believed to represent love and is also said to help stimulate unconditional love. Another stone that can play a role in your love life is garnet, a stone of passion that could evoke and enhance feelings of sensuality, sexuality, and romantic love. 

Gemstones for Confidence

They say confidence is key and yes it is because we may need it for a job interview so we can sell our skills and ourselves or maybe for an important sales or client pitch. Well if you are looking for that extra boost of self-confidence, wear a citrine or tourmaline stone, which is believed to help with it. An aquamarine is said to provide courage if you need it to take on some daunting tasks. Moreover, if you’re feeling stagnant in your pursuits in life, wearing a moonstone is believed to promote inner growth and strength by giving you the courage, a healthy mindset and an attitude to reach your desired self. 

Gemstones for Relationships 

Relationships are vital to us social beings whether friendships, family bonds, or a romantic relationship. Sometimes we may need a little help in that area of our lives so we can grow our personal relationships, blue sapphire is said to assist in communication and expressing your truth and belief if you find it hard to say what you really want to say. Apart from that, green emerald is believed to stimulate unconditional love as it is a gemstone of love and because unconditional love is important if we want lasting relationships. Communication is also important in sustaining a relationship and tanzanite is said to improve it. Wear these gemstones if you feel like building up your relationships. 

Gemstones for Security & Wealth

Everyone wishes for security and wealth,  a tourmaline stone can be used to offer a sense of safety and security to one’s self as it is believed to shield you against negative energy and provide protection to your aura. Additionally, amethyst is noted to be a powerful and protective stone. Ruby gemstone is purported to possess an association with power and wealth and may be employed to attract abundance.

Complement your aura with gemstones

Gemstones can be used to match your emotions. If you’re feeling bold and want to express your confidence, wear a tourmaline or citrine gemstone which is associated with it. It can also be worn whenever you like, just choose your gemstone, carry it with you, wear it as jewellery, place it in your home or workspace, or meditate with it. 

Wish to start wearing gemstones? Here are a few jewellery pieces that you can add to your collection. 

Birthstone Jewellery

Wearing your birthstone is said to bring you luck and protection, you can also wear them as a lucky charm and it has also been used for good fortune for centuries. ZCOVA’s birthstone necklaces come in all 12 months from January to December, an ideal piece for yourself which can be paired with their Cilia Huggies birthstone earrings. 

Gemstone Jewellery

If you prefer wearing something other than your birthstone, you can choose a gemstone that you resonate with such as an amethyst, because you feel that you are generally a calm and easygoing person and this is the stone that matches your energy. ZCOVA’s gemstone pendant necklaces are available in garnet, amethyst, and citrine together with different shapes such as pear, cushion, and emerald cut. Their gemstone Thea necklaces come in ruby, sapphire and emerald which are the most sought-after gemstones. 

Now you can choose and wear a gemstone that totally complements your mood and energy. 

What vibes are you feeling? Learn more about gemstones and find your gemstone here today!