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10 Most Romantic Places to Propose in Penang

We know it can be stressful looking for the perfect proposal venue in Penang and also planning one that will charm and create a memorable experience our partner will always remember. It takes beautiful decorations, flowers, a diamond ring, and the perfect location to happen.

If you really want to blow your special someone away with a once-in-a-lifetime romantic proposal that shows you appreciate them, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to some of the most romantic places to propose in Penang – from beaches, and historical landmarks to beautiful greenery- we’ve got them all covered! Read on to find out.


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1. Batu Ferringhi Beach

First on our list is a scenic and romantic beach that offers breathtaking sunsets and a serene atmosphere. You can pop the big question to your future spouse with a romantic candlelit dinner by the seaside as you watch the sunset and have your meals prepared by a private chef.


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2. Penang Hill

Next, is a hilltop retreat that offers panoramic views of the island and sea, perfect for a scenic proposal. This hill has many spots and locations for you to get down on one knee. No matter which spot you choose, both you and your partner can relish your special moment against the magnificent backdrop of the island. Love is a major theme on this hill as you can discover love arches and declare your love through the love padlocks. 


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3. Fort Cornwallis

This next location is a historic fort that has been transformed into a tourist attraction and a park. It can be a great spot to propose if your partner adores architecture and places filled with history and if you want a beautiful colonial industrial setting with a green landscape that overlooks the sea. 


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4. Chew Jetty

This historical location that is a UNESCO historic site is a traditional stilt village built by the sea. Chew Jetty is a great proposal spot if you are feeling adventurous and want a unique out of the ordinary location to ask your future partner to marry you. Furthermore, the wooden plank surfaces offer a rustic charm against the picturesque view of the coloured sunset sky and the boats tied to the docks, it’s like a scene from a painting.

5. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

This stunning location is a restored traditional Chinese mansion that is popularly known as ‘The Blue Mansion’. It is a boutique hotel and a tourist attraction with a cafe, bar and restaurant inside. A great place to stay the night, propose, and have breakfast together as it transports you into a magical atmosphere filled with beautiful eclectic intricacies in its architecture.


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6. Khoo Kongsi

If your soon-to-be spouse is traditional and loves being surrounded by culture, this historic grand Chinese temple provides an impressive setting for your proposal because of its magnificent structure and craftsmanship. 

7. Esplanade

The Esplanade is a famous promenade that offers scenic views of the sea and coastline, making it a candid place for a proposal. Let the nice sea breeze, the sound of waves and possible sights of cruise lines make your proposal memorable and sweet.

8. George Town Heritage Zone

If your partner has a love for all things vintage and historical, this UNESCO World Heritage Site makes a unique location as it offers a historic setting for a proposal. It is an area with a multitude of heritage trades and arts. A few great places at George Town Heritage Zone that you can propose to your partner are The Edison, Love Lane and Seven Terraces. 

9. Kerachut Beach

A peaceful and remote beach with white sand, a meromictic lake, and a turtle sanctuary, Kerachut Beach offers a panorama of calmness and bliss because it is less frequented by people. This beach makes a wonderful spot for proposing if you want your occasion to be exclusively special to both of you. You can access this secluded beach by hiking through Penang National park or by taking a boat there.

10. Tropical Spice Garden 


Lastly, this final location will make a wonderfully romantic place if your special someone loves nature. The Tropical Spice Garden is a lush and tranquil garden with a beautiful natural enclave of herbs, plants and flowers that offer a serene and magical-like secret garden setting for your proposal. You can find a little pond with meandering streams, adorable wildlife such as ducks and geese, and allow the relaxing sound of nature to make your moment majestic. 


We hope this list helps you craft a meaningful proposal for your future spouse when you both take a trip down the beloved Penang Island. 


If you’re looking to propose on the island, we also have a Galeria there so you can go sightseeing and also find the perfect ring, just make an appointment by contacting us.