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What are fancy coloured diamonds?, Introduction to fancy coloured diamonds

What Are Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

Colourless diamonds have been the most popular choice for engagement rings and jewellery as they’re timeless. However, fancy colour diamonds are quickly becoming the next big trend!

Diamond Colour D to Z

The diamond engagement rings we normally see range from colourless to yellowish. In the diamond industry, these are described as D to Z colour grading scales.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy colour diamonds where the stone colour appears strong are extremely rare. It is said that coloured diamonds account for less than 0.1% of total diamonds mined worldwide.

They come in a spectrum of natural colours including red diamond, pink diamond, blue diamond, orange diamond, violet diamond, etc. Red diamond, Pink diamond and Blue diamond are the most prized colours because of their rarity. Aside from pure colours, coloured diamonds have different hues as well such as Purplish pink diamond, brownish orange, greyish pink, greenish-blue diamond, etc. There are different colours that interest different customers – get in touch with us to source your desired fancy colour diamond.

Why Are Fancy Colour Diamonds Rare?

Pink Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

Pink Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

Pink Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring

Fancy colour diamonds are rare because it is difficult to find natural Chromium or Boron in a diamond. The colour of natural fancy colour diamonds is formed naturally from their chemical compounds. For example, Chromium for red or pink diamonds and Boron for a blue diamond.

​​Aside from its rarity, the price of a coloured diamond is extremely high as well. It is highly dependent on its colour purity (Pure Pink, Pure Red or Pure Blue) and also its hue and saturation. Not every coloured diamond will have the same colour purity with an even hue and saturation.

Those who are looking for a unique look can consider going for a fancy colour diamond engagement ring! Contact us to speak to our GIA Graduate Gemologist and we can source it for you!

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy colour diamonds are pretty, aren’t they? Which is your favourite colour?