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The Perfect Jewellery Gift Ideas For 18th Birthday

THE BIG 18! Your 18th birthday is a monumental milestone in your life because it is the turning point to adulthood. This means that you need a special gift to mark this memorable occasion.

Whether or not you’re here to look for a gift to surprise someone on their big day or for yourself, let us present you with some jewellery gift ideas to capture the memories of youth.

18th Birthday Gifts for Her

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for your sister, daughter or friend’s 18th birthday, here are some birthday gift ideas for young women.

A First Diamond

Diamonds are not only for engagement rings. Turning 18 is the perfect time to celebrate with a piece of glistering diamond jewellery. It’s the perfect gift for a young woman – add a pair of diamond earrings to her jewellery wardrobe!

Diamond Halo Earring for birthday gift idea

Diamond Earring screwback for birthday jewellery gift

Special Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstones are unique to each month and carry their own meaning, making them fantastic 18th birthday presents to be treasured for years to come. Not only that, these gemstones come in a variety of colours so you can also pick your favourite colour!

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Pink spinel gemstone pendant necklace for birthday gift

Sapphire gemstone fashion ring for birthday gift

Green Emerald gemstone earring for birthday gift

Keep It Simple!

“I have enough jewellery,” said no one ever! A woman’s jewellery wardrobe is full of highly appreciated earrings, bracelets, pendant necklaces, name necklaces and many more! You can look into giving her a bracelet or a pendant in 18K gold, simple yet elegant. Personalised name necklaces are also very popular!

diamond bracelet for birthday gift

heart diamond pendant necklace for birthday gift

customised name necklace with diamonds for birthday gift

Go for Bold

Depending on what your birthday girl really likes – a versatile piece of jewellery that will brighten up any ensemble or a bold and unique combination of gemstone colours.

An example of a gemstone jewellery would be this intense pink spinel gemstone. Pink is the colour of a sweet young girl, but the intense colour of the pink spinel gemstone also makes it perfect as she is moving forward to maturity. Get her a gemstone ring or a statement piece to step into adulthood with style and confidence!

pink spinel gemstone ring for birthday gift

tourmaline gemstone ring for birthday gift

aquamarine gemstone ring for birthday gift

Uniquely Hers!

If you have a jewellery idea in mind, you can also choose to customise one for your birthday girl! You can pick from our diamond collections or pick her birthstone from our Asia’s Biggest Virtual Gemstone Inventory.

18th birthday ruby necklace for birthday gift

hoop earring for 18th birthday gift

ribbon with gemstone pendant necklace for birthday gift

green emerald gemstone on 18K gold for birthday gift

18th Birthday Gifts for Him

Gift ideas for a teenage boy who is entering manhood! You can consider getting a stylish piece of jewellery for him; either a fashion ring or a simple necklace.

A Fashion Ring

Young boys or men wearing fashion rings is a trend now! Celebrating his 18th birthstone with a birthstone fashion ring or a simple fashion ring to match with his daily look is definitely a great idea!

Blue sapphire fashion ring for birthday gift

Signet bold and chunky fashion ring for birthday gift

black diamond fashion ring for birthday gift

A Cufflink

Gifting him his first cufflink is a way to welcome him to manhood. It is time for him to recognise the importance of being well presented.

Cufflink with ruby gemstone for birthday gift

Cuban Bracelet

If your birthday boy loves wearing something bold and chunky, look no further and surprise him with a Cuban bracelet to brighten up his 18th birthday!

Cuban Bracelet for birthday gift

Unisex 18th Birthday Gifts for Him and Her

Can’t seem to find something that you like? You can customise a unique 18th birthday jewellery for him or her! Here are some unisex 18th birthday gift ideas for you to get inspiration in personalising jewellery.

necklace with diamonds for 18th birthday gift

Emerald diamonds on 18K yellow gold necklace for birthday gift

lock and key earring set with emerald gemstone for birthday gift

18th birthday fashion ring signet ring

pink gemstone heart fashion ring

light pink gemstone heart fashion ring

Speak to us to customise your 18th birthday jewellery now!