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Responsibly Sourced Ruby & Pink Sapphire Gemstone


After 3 billion years of formation, these precious gemstones were unearthed at a pristine Arctic location in Greenland.

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Why Choose Greenland Ruby?

Unlike other similar gems from another origin such as the Ruby Legacy from Myanmar, Greenland Ruby gemstones differ in quality due to their location. Although Greenland Rubies and Pink Sapphires were discovered only recently, it is believed to be the oldest ruby mine in the world. Each piece is estimated to have formed 3 billion years ago! When you purchase Greenland Ruby gemstones, you are also taking home a piece of history born even before the dinosaur era.

Environmental Ruby Sourced from Greenland

How is Greenland Ruby Responsibly Sourced?

Greenland Ruby only mined according to the highest of Northern European standards that adhere to strict human rights, labour, environmental, mining practice, and product disclosure practices. Its mining license is issued by the Ministry of Mineral Resources in Greenland following the local Impact Benefit Agreement (IBM).

In addition to Greenland Ruby’s commitment to the environment, they have dedicated themselves to make a difference in the lives of Greenlandic people; For every gem bought from Greenland Ruby, a fraction of the sale goes to This is a Non-Profit organisation that supports international polar research in all disciplines. The main goal is to protect Greenland’s inhabitants (humans, animals, and vegetation), who are currently affected by climate change and accompanying cultural changes.

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Certificate of Gemstone Origin

Apart from the ICL Certificate from ZCOVA, Greenland Ruby gemstone with over 1 carat will also come with its unique Certificate of Origin. Each bearing a unique number and authenticating its origin and journey from the mine. This certificate also documents information on the gemstone’s size measurement, carat weight, colour description, as well as shape and cutting style. Greenland Ruby Certificate of Origin is approved by the Government of Greenland.

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