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Ariana Grande Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Inspiration

Ariana Grande’s Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Inspiration

Celebrities and fans everywhere were so happy when popstar Ariana Grande announced her engagement to Dalton Gomez on Instagram. However, her engagement ring was so unique that it has brought attention to many people.

Ariana Grande Engagement

“Forever and then some” Ariana Grande wrote on her Instagram announcing her engagement.

Her engagement ring features a tilted Oval Diamond (estimated to be a 5CT Oval diamond) along with a pearl. From her unique engagement ring design, her fans have speculated that the pearl was most likely remounted from a ring her grandma created for her in 2014.

Ariana Grande's 5CT oval diamond and pearl Engagement Ring

Besides, it was said that the pearl from her engagement ring was originally from her grandfather’s tie pin, which has made the engagement ring more meaningful.

Ariana Grande and her oval diamond and pearl earring

Ariana Grande oval diamond and pearl set earring

Ariana Grande’s 5CT Oval Diamond Ring with Pearl and set earrings

Well, Oval cut Diamonds look very modern and classy, not just in engagement rings, but also for earrings and pendants! There are many of our favourite celebrities who are also fans of oval diamonds.

Hailey Bieber’s 10CT Oval Diamond Ring

Hailey Bieber’s 10CT Oval Diamond Ring

Blake Lively’s 12CT Oval Diamond Ring

Blake Lively’s 12CT Oval Diamond Ring

Before we show you some jewellery designs inspired by Ariana Grande, let us take a look at some of the tips when choosing oval diamonds!

Tips To Pick The Perfect Oval Diamond

Oval diamond engagement ring yellow gold and rose gold

Oval Diamond Halo vs Oval diamond Pave Engagement ring

Oval Diamond Hidden Halo Pave Engagement Ring

Compared to round diamonds, oval diamonds of the same carat weight look larger because of how they’re shaped with a bigger surface area. So what do you look for in diamonds? Sparkles, of course! Before you purchase an oval diamond, there are a few things for you to take note of when you want to pick a brilliant diamond.

The Diamond bowtie

The diamond bowtie - high and low bowtie

Low Bowtie (left); High Bowtie (right)

What is a diamond bowtie? It looks exactly like it sounds, a dark contrast in the diamond that resembles a man’s bowtie. A diamond bowtie is a dark contrast in the center of the oval diamond that is formed when a diamond is cut. It occurs in poor cutting and misaligned facets, where it interferes with the light performance of the diamond. You should avoid high or dark diamond bowties if you’re looking for a brilliant oval diamond.

Diamond Quality

All our diamonds come with a GIA Certificate and each diamond has its GIA number laser-inscribed onto the girdle. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about! All you have to do is to see how the diamond appears when you view it – the brilliance of the diamond, the beautiful appearance, and the well proportioned oval diamond. Speak to us if you have any questions!

Oval Diamond Jewellery Inspired by Ariana Grande

Do you want your own diamond and pearl jewellery inspired by Ariana’s Oval Ring? Don’t worry because you can definitely customise it at ZCOVA!

Ariana Grande Inspired Engagement Ring Oval Diamond and Pearl

Ariana Grande Inspired Engagement Ring Oval Diamond and Pearl with Pave Setting

Ariana Grande Inspired Oval Diamond and pearl pendant necklace

Ariana Grande Inspired Dangling Earring Oval Diamond and Pearl