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April Birthstone: Buying Diamond Jewellery Malaysia

What is the April Birthstone?

Those who are born in April are lucky enough to get one of the most popular and precious stones as their birthstone: the Diamond. Whether you’re looking for your birthstone or a thoughtful gift for the special someone who is born in April, there is no better gift than a piece of diamond birthstone jewellery!

Buying Diamond Birthstone as Gifts

Whether you’re getting a diamond ring, diamond pendant, diamond earrings or diamond bracelet, this sparkly stone is always the right choice for gifts! At ZCOVA, our customers can customise their diamond jewellery for free! You can even customise by mixing both diamonds and gemstones together! Here are some of our popular diamond jewellery gifts:

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Round diamond zcova

Diamond Rings

heart shaped diamond eternity band in mixed rose and white gold

Heart Eternity Band on Mixed 18K Rose Gold and White Gold

Customised Name Letter Diamond Wedding Band

Leon Band with Customised Letter

pear shaped diamond engagement ring with blue sapphire gemstone twisted band

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring with Blue Sapphire Gemstone Twisted Band

Diamond Necklace

Astrid Pendant illusion setting snowflake flower diamond pendant necklace

Astrid Pendant Necklace

18K yellow gold infinity symbol diamond necklace

18K Yellow Gold Infinity Necklace with Diamond Pave

solitaire GIA pear shaped diamond pendant necklace

Pear Shaped Solitaire Diamond Necklace

Diamond Earring

Diamond earring with dangling freshwater pearl

Diamond Earring with Dangling Freshwater Pearl

18K White Gold Round GIA diamond stud earring

Round Diamond Stud Earring

Diamond Bracelet

Anna diamond bracelet in 18K White Gold

Anna Diamond Bracelet

18K White Gold diamond tennis bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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How to Care for Diamond Birthstone?

Diamonds are rated 10 in Moh for being the hardest. However, it is still important to clean and care for your diamond jewellery as accumulated oil and dirt can dull the diamond’s sparkle. Diamond jewellery are durable enough to be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Quick clean whenever needed
You can use an alcohol swab for quick cleaning on the go.

Deep cleaning every 1-2 weeks
Soak your jewellery in warm water or baby shampoo and scrub it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. This should keep it clean and can be done once every 1-2 weeks.

Besides that, we provide free refurbishment & jewellery inspection for all jewellery purchased from ZCOVA to extend the life of your jewellery. This service includes:

  • Polishing
  • Tightening the prongs of the diamond
  • Cleaning
  • Plating

This service is available to our customers once a year for the next 10 years after purchasing our jewellery.

Starting your diamond shopping journey? Don’t forget to brush up on the diamond 4Cs and be sure to take along on how to shop smart!