ZCOVA's Complimentary Virtual Consultation for Diamonds & Jewellery | Zcova

ZCOVA’s Complimentary Virtual Consultation for Diamonds & Jewellery

Enjoy a stress-free conversation with our consultants via WhatsApp, Facebook/Instagram Messenger or Email to service@zcova.com to know more about diamonds and gemstones. You can even customize jewellery for free at the comfort of your own home. As easy & convenient through smart gadgets or laptops!

Here’s what you can get during this personalized session with our consultants:

  1. A complete diamond 4Cs education including Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat, & Fluorescence
  2. Guide to LUMOS by ZCOVA
  3. Compare diamond shapes & sizes
  4. Get diamond recommendations
  5. Pick your perfect ring
  6. Or learn how you can customise one for free – we’ll send you a 3D printed ring to try on before production
  7. Engagement ring & wedding band pairing
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GIA Graduate Gemologist

Each session with our GIA Graduate Gemologist is completely personalised for you. Feel free to tell us what you want to see/know such as recommended diamonds and our bestselling ring settings.

Your dream ring awaits you! Book your Virtual Consultation for free!

*Virtual consultation starts from 11am – 5pm, 1 hour interval slots

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Oval Cutting

Oval Shape

Pear Cutting

Pear Shape

Round Cutting

Round Brilliant Shape

Cushion Cutting

Cushion Shape

Princess Cutting

Princess Shape

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