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GemEx – Beyond Excellent Brilliant Guaranteed Diamonds

Gemex – Beyond Excellent

Diamond has always been graded within the 4C’s range ( Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat Weight ). Round diamond in particular is being graded with a much stringent approach. Within a Cut grade, it has Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish and Excellent Symmetry hence it is called a Triple Excellent Round Diamond. Beyond excellent, round diamond has a specific range that is deemed to have the best light return, but how do consumers determine if it is indeed true with what was being told. This is where GemEx will be a differentiator in quality assurance.

Why dual certification? Why GemEx?

Dual certification is a form of assurance and transparency to consumers. With Dual certification, we can guarantee the specification and brilliance of a round diamond. GIA is the founder of 4C’s also the most prestigious gemological laboratory has the most stringent grading process that will ensure each and every diamond being graded with the highest accuracy. GemEx on the other hand is a laboratory that analyses the brilliance of a diamond. With lighting and AI technology, they can analyse each and every angle of a diamond with a different range of light that emulates different lighting environments to determine the best outcome. With GemEx technology they have proven that beyond Triple Excellent there is a small percentage of diamonds that outperform a normal Triple Excellent diamond.

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Should dual certification be exclusive to the premium range with a premium price?

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No! Dual certification should not be labelled as a premium product or has a premium price because Diamond prices are purely evaluated based on 4C’s ( Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight ). The price does not increase when a Triple Excellent ( Excellent Cut, Excellent Polish, and Excellent Symmetry ) has an exceptional finishing, which is usually labelled as “super ideal, ideal or perfect cut” by retailers. However, in ZCOVA we believe Dual Certification should always be an additional service for quality assurance to ensure customers are receiving the best value within their price range.