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Date: 18 May 2021

Thank you The Peak for featuring us! ZCOVA has launched 100,000 gemstones and made personalization easier for customers by showcasing Asia’s Biggest Virtual Gemstone Inventory.

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  • Over 100,000 Gemstone Choices – Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and more
  • ICL Certified
  • 360-degree gemstone videos
  • Gemstone education from Gemologist
  • Free customised design and 3D Print; speak to our in-house jewellery designer via WhatsApp
  • Free delivery, Engraving and Resizing
  • 1-to-1 consultation done safely online via WhatsApp (017-367 0666 / 017-686 6693), Facebook Messenger, Call, email or Video Call

The Peak X ZCOVA Gemstone Jewellery

ZCOVA Princess Diana Blue Sapphire Earring and Ring


Online gem retailers Zcova rolls out Asia’s biggest virtual gemstone inventory.

In this pandemic-driven reality that we’re all in right now, people have, unsurprisingly, been spending their entire day glued to their smartphone screens, endlessly scrolling through the Internet. The resulting lockdown lifestyle has caught jewellery stores around the world by surprise with statistics that convey traffic rates on websites. Yes, people are now doing something that no one ever even dreamed of before – browsing, trying out, and purchasing gems online.

You can find this pink tourmaline ring on the Zcova website

Last year, there was, perhaps, tremendous concern in the jewellery market about the future of jewellery-buying and how consumers would relate to it. But now, big players like Zcova – Malaysia very own, pioneering online jeweller – certainly seems to have recovered from this uncertainty and have pushed ahead to make gemstones even more accessible to Malaysians, in spite of the present challenging circumstances.

Now, Zcova is making gemstone personalisation even easier for its self-isolating customers by showcasing what’s said to be Asia’s biggest virtual gemstone inventory. Speaking recently at a Zoom conference, Ziwei Low, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Zcova went into plenty of detail about this: “The common perception is that personalising gemstone jewellery is pricey and unattainable, especially for the younger demographic of consumers or the average Malaysian. We want to change that perception. Our Asia’s biggest virtual gemstone inventory offers 100,000 ICL-certified gemstones. To take gemstone personalisation up a notch, we have a team of young and creative designers who will bring a fresh and trendy design twist to customised jewellery. Anyone can now design their dream gemstone jewellery pieces with just a click.”

Featuring a bewildering range of gemstones ranging from emeralds to sapphire, rubies and more, Zcova’s online selection allows any customer to easily recreate their personalised dream gemstone jewellery featuring a mix and match variety of colours and shapes of their choice. What’s more, these gemstones can be designed into everyday jewellery such as classic earrings to match a working attire every day, a birthstone ring to mark the birth month of the owner, or even a striking statement necklace for special occasions.

ZCOVA Founders

Ziwei Low (left) and Ziyin Low are the founders of Zcova

And there’s no need to worry about not being able to step into a store and try on the gems of your choice, As with every other segment of business that is successfully pivoting right now, technology is available to create a real-world environment experience for Zcova customers. “Various technologies are becoming the ladder for businesses and we can now offer customers augmented reality (AR) multidimensional view of jewellery pieces through interactive AR apps,” reveals Ziwei’s brother, Ziyin, who’s also the gemologist and Co-Founder of Zcova.

He adds that Zcova’s own virtual gemstone inventory comes with an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides customers with a chance to select from 100,000 certified gemstones from around the world. “What’s more, these also come with 10x magnified 360° videos that allow visitors to view the gemstones’ cut and clarity up close virtually. To ensure authenticity, every gemstone from Zcova will come with an International Colored Gemstone Laboratory (ICL) Certificate to verify its colour intensity and origin. Customers can even request additional certificates from LOTUS Gemology or GRS Laboratory for added assurance.”

ZCOVA Gemstone website

Zcova makes buying personalised jewellery easy on its website

If you want to find out how it all works, just head on to Zcova’s online boutique to explore the wide range of gemstones and select your preferred stone based on type, colour, shape, carat, clarity and origin. Then, to personalise your gemstone jewellery, just arrange for a virtual consultation with a certified Zcova gemologist or, if you prefer, make a private appointment to visit the physical showroom in Kota Damansara, Selangor.