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ZCOVA Augmented Reality Challenge To Win RM1000

Join ZCOVA AR Challenge To Win RM 1,000 in Cash!

Congratulations Nur Othman On Winning The RM 1,000 CASH!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming entrants for this contest! We’re proud to announce the winner who will be bringing home RM 1,000 in cash, Nur Othman. With over 900 likes in both Instagram and Tiktok videos combined! Thank you so much for participating and stay tuned as our consultants will keep in contact with you on how to redeem your prize!


Want To Win Some Extra Cash?

Don’t miss out on a chance to WIN RM 1,000 in CASH from ZCOVA! Yes, you read it right, it is RM 1,000 in cash! 4 simple steps to join this challenge! ⬇️⬇️

  1. Follow ZCOVA’s Instagram or Tiktok account (@zcova).
  2. Fill in this form (here) to redeem a ZCOVA Challenge Box that comes with instructions. (We will notify you when we send the ZCOVA Challenge box to you)
  3. Following the instructions given, take a creative video to post onto your own TikTok or Instagram account and set your profile to public.
  4. Must include hashtags #zcovaAR & #zcovawishlist when posting. (This is for us to know you’ve posted the video).
Fill In Form To Join The Contest Now


What You Need To Include In The Video?

Once you registered to join the contest, ZCOVA will send over an Augmented Reality (AR) Challenge Box to you. In the box, you’ll be given instructions and a set of 3D Printed Rings to try on. Make a creative video with ZCOVA’s Augmented Reality App & 3D Printed Rings to post onto your TikTok or Instagram account (remember to set your account to public for us to see!). The video with the highest likes will take home RM 1,000 in cash from ZCOVA!

Here are some ideas for your videos!

  1. Take selfies with ZCOVA’s AR rings. You can match the ring designs with your outfits!
  2. Match your jewellery with ZCOVA’s AR rings & 3D printed rings!
  3. Flaunt your manicure skills to match it with ZCOVA’s AR rings or 3D printed rings!
  4. Know how to create Henna Drawings? Make a matching one with each ZCOVA AR ring design!

You are definitely welcome to be as creative as you like!

Locate ZCOVA’s AR App

zcova augmented reality app

Try on ZCOVA’s AR Rings

zcova augmented reality app

Try on ZCOVA’s 3D Printed Rings

ZCOVA 3D Printed Rings

Fill In Form To Join The Contest Now

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This contest is valid from 1st October 2021 till 31st January 2022.
  2. Participants are required to fill in a google form to join the contest.
  3. Google form registration to join the contest will end by 31st January 2022.
  4. Participants who join the contest will receive a ZCOVA AR Challenge Box upon form registration.
  5. Participants are required to
    • Follow ZCOVA’s Instagram Page (or) ZCOVA’s TikTok account.
    • Post a creative video into Instagram/TikTok using ZCOVA’s Augmented Reality App & 3D Printed Rings. (Set Profile to Public)
    • Include hashtags #zcovaAR & #zcovaWishlist when posting.
  6. Participants may post the video anytime from receiving the ZCOVA AR Challenge Box till 31st January 2022.
  7. The winner with the highest likes video will take home RM 1,000 in cash.
  8. The winner announcement will be made in February 2022 via updates on ZCOVA’s Facebook, Instagram and

We advise reading through the full ZCOVA Augmented Reality Challenge terms and conditions prior to joining the contest.