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zcova 04carat GIA diamond ring promotion malaysia

Diamond Ring Promotion Malaysia: 0.4CT GIA & GemEx Dual-Cert

Read this before you buy an engagement ring to propose! We have a beautiful 0.4ct Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring promotion price that fits within your budget. It comes complete with a classic solitaire ring with a choice of 18K white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. Tell us your love story and our designers will craft a unique engagement ring design for you with no extra charges. We also offer custom-made engagement rings with free design, render and 3D printed rings.

0.4 Carat Diamond Ring Promotion

0.4ct Diamond Engagement Ring Promotion Malaysia Solitaire Ring 18K Gold

0.4CT | G | VS1 | 3EX | RM 5,399

Carat: 0.4CT
Colour: G
Clarity: VS1
Cut: Triple Excellent (3EX)
Fluorescence: None
Certificate: Dual certificates from GIA & GemEx

Price: RM 5,399 (RM 450/monthly with 0% Interest Rate Payment Plan with ZCOVA)

Ring: Including engagement ring setting of your choice in 18K solid White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

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[Terms & Conditions]

  • This promotion is valid from 27th October 2021 and ended on 7th December 2021.
  • This promotion is only valid and redeemable at ZCOVA Sdn Bhd.
  • Not valid with any ongoing promotions and discounts.
  • This promotion is non-exchangeable nor refundable for cash.
  • Free global insured shipping for every order.
  • This promotion is subject to availability
  • ZCOVA Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change, modify or amend the terms and conditions mentioned above at any time without prior notice.

brilliant guaranteed diamond promotion malaysia

M’sia & Singapore’s Only Brand With Dual Certified Diamonds. (GIA & GemEx Certificates)

In ZCOVA, you are guaranteed only the top diamond qualities with Dual Certificates. While GIA grades the diamonds 4Cs, the GemEx certificate measures the light performance of your diamond. With this certificate, you know exactly how your diamond performs in real life lighting situations. The Certificate lets you choose the most appealing combination of brilliance, fire and sparkle. Only 1 out of 1000 diamonds pass as LUMOS by ZCOVA diamonds which are high to very high grading in the GemEx certificate.

Enjoy Free Jewellery Customization

Take advantage of ZCOVA’s complimentary customization services that allow you to get the perfect version of your dream ring. We provide 3D Print version of your dream ring so you know exactly how it feels like when you try it on!

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No Hidden Fees

With ZCOVA’s VIP experience, you are entitled to all of our complimentary services such as engraving and resizing*, Global Insured Shipping services to your doorstep and a Lifetime Warranty*

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ZCOVA's solitaire engagement ring

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0.4ct customise diamond engagement ring promotion malaysia with heart design

Crown Tulip Solitaire 0.4ct diamond engagement ring promotion malaysia

zcova facebook 5 stars review

Stephy was helpful and very patient in explaining what affects the brilliance and fire of a diamond. It was love at first sight when my fiancé popped the ring box open. It is absolutely beautiful! He proposed indoor but the diamond was shining at all angles. We are delighted with our purchase and hope to meet you all in your showroom in the near future.

5 star customer review

Stephy was great at educating and explaining the difference about diamonds. Picked a great engagement ring for my fiancé and she loved it. Planning to return to purchase a pair of wedding rings.

Recommended for people who wants to pick high quality diamonds for their jewelleries.

zcova facebook 5 stars review

Thanks for the greats service , especially Joyee from Zcova, very professional on recommending on how to choose the diamond and even FMCO ZCOVA still ready the ring for u on the right time…10000% recommend it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

zcova customer 5 star reviews

5 star customer review

I have been liaising with Stephy since the inception of the ring design. Everything was done online and I’ve not stepped into their showroom once. I must commend their excellent level of service, communication and design. There were 0 hiccups in all transactions and delivery was right on time. And my fiancée can’t be any happier with her ring. Highly recommended!

5 star customer review

Definitely my go to place for diamonds. Ziyin helped me to get the perfect engagement ring for my wife and he has provided me alot of insight on the diamond industry, and all the oo knows while choosing a diamond. Indeed it has given me alot of knowledge on diamonds now. Last but not the least, Xiyin has been super attentive and proactive in all the communications on WhatsApp and without a doubt, great services and good deals!