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How to Measure Ring Size Accurately & What NOT To Do

Most people wear their engagement ring and wedding band daily so it’s important to get the perfect size. If it’s too loose, you may lose your ring. If it’s too tight, it’ll become uncomfortable.

How to accurately measure your ring size?

If you search online, there are many methods such as using a paper sizer, piece of thread etc. We are going to go through each of these methods then explain their respective pros and cons.

Ring sizer – The best method is still using a ring sizer as below. You can purchase the whole set online or visit any jewellery store to try it on. At ZCOVA, we will provide you our 3D printed ring sizers to try on.

Metal ring sizer and mandrel
Measuring ring size with ZCOVA 3D printed ring sizer
ZCOVA 3D printed ring sizer

Finding your ring size

The perfect ring size should slide over your knuckle with a little friction and sit snugly on your finger without causing discomfort. When removing, you should feel a slight resistance and may need to twist the ring to remove it.

The video below shows how your ring should fit:

Don’t use thread/paper strips – Using items you can find in most households sounds really convenient but we advise you to avoid using string or paper to measure ring size as these materials can stretch or twist, resulting in an inaccurate measurement. They also do not take into account the size of your knuckles.


Measuring ring size with paper

If you already have a ring that fits well

Printable ring sizers are inaccurate – Printable ring sizers may seem easy and convenient as you can just place your existing ring onto the paper. However, there can be errors if the printed size is inaccurate due to your printer settings. Additionally, inexperienced eyes may not be able to align the rings accurately with the paper.


Printable ring size chart

Ring mandrel – In this case, using a ring mandrel to measure the actual ring size is more accurate. You can measure your ring at any jewellery stores near you.

Already have your ring size?

Use our International Ring Size Conversion Chart to convert between different ring sizes. ZCOVA uses Hong Kong ring size.

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

Factors that affect your ring size

Large knuckles – For small fingers with large knuckles, choose the smallest size that can slide over your knuckles and be removed without causing discomfort.
Hand – Each finger can be a different size and your dominant hand tends to be bigger.
Time of day – Fingers tend to be a smaller diameter in the morning and bigger at night.
Temperature – Fingers tend to be a smaller diameter when it’s cold and bigger in warm weather.
Swelling – Water retention can happen when you consume excessive salt and during pregnancy.
Weight loss or gain – Changes in your weight can affect your ring size.

We advise you to measure your ring size in the middle of the day at room temperature. Do measure 3-4 times to eliminate inaccuracy.

Still unsure about how to measure your ring size? Speak to our GIA Graduate Gemologist or drop us a message on our Facebook page!